01-13-16 Editor continues to "bridge back" with addition of year 2002 OSS issues, scanned from originals in his own archive. More of the Editorship of Chris Bucholtz and contributions from this Editor, several others, keeping the SVSM boat afloat with articles, what have you.
OSS_JAN_02.pdf OSS_JAN_02.pdf
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April - BF-109G-12 conversion in 1/48 by Mick Burton, M4 Marine Sherman, a Pavla P-40 early Tomahawk by Mark Schynert, F5U Pancake by Mick Burton

May - Midway Wildcat in 1/72, Sword G-21 Goose by Mark Schynert, Hughes TH-55 Helicopter Trainer in 1/72 by Greg Plummer, April meeting minutes

June - Vickers Mk VI Tank in 1/72, DH Sea Hornet in 1/48 (Vac) by R Powell, Hawker Tornado in 1/72, Pit Road's AKASHI in 1/700, May Meeting minutes

OSS_JUL_02.pdf OSS_JUL_02.pdf
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October - 1/144 B-47s series by Mick Burton, Roden PKZ-2 WW1 Helo 1/72, 1/144 DC-3 by Bill Abbott, SVSM Bookshelf reviews, September Meet Minutes

November - F-86H Hog Sabre conversion by Mick Burton, F86 in FAV Service by Gabriel Lee, Aerial FireFighter by Mike Meek, mock Mach III by G Plummer

December - Special Martin Maryland in depth Issue with 3 authors, lots of photos and analysis, history and kits in 1/72, 1/48 reviewed. Don't overlook it !

January - Hawker Tempest RNZAF Ace 1/72, Abe's 1999 YZR 500 in 1/12 (1st of 2) High Planes "Precious Metal" Air Racer, '34 Ford by Steve Travis

February - Rareplanes AJ Savage AJ-2P by Mick Burton, 1999 YZR 500 part 2 of 2 by Greg Plummer, SR.53 in 1/72 by Mark Schynert, January meeting

March - Marianas Turkey Shoot F6F 1/72, Meikraft D-558-1 by Mick Burton, all 2002 SV Kickoff Classic results, February meeting minutes

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July - Fw-190A-7 in 1/72 by R Sutherland, Exercise Caution in Vac Modelling by Bob Miller, Toko P-63 conversion to "F" by Mick Burton, TSR 2 in 1/48 vac

August - Painting WW2 USN Warships by B McDowell, Cierva Autogyro 1/72 by Greg Plummer, Spitfire 18 conversion in 1/48 by R Powell, 1/72 Whirlwind

September - Supermarine Seagull ASR 1/72, F-16 in Fuerza Area Venezola, USMC M4 Sherman part 1 of 2 build article, Seafire III in 1/48 by R Powell

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