2001 Original Styrene Sheet

Now in its own archive due to Editor's re-organize of entire archive, as of 4-16-17

Here we go, 01-16-2016, the entirety of scanned & processed into PDF from my own archives, Styrene Sheet 2001, a big year for writing by many including me, MB

OSS_JAN_01.pdf OSS_JAN_01.pdf
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OSS_FEB_01.pdf OSS_FEB_01.pdf
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OSS_MAR_01.pdf OSS_MAR_01.pdf
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April – Hawker Hunter 1/48 Academy (R Powell), Payen PA 22 Air Racer 1/72 (M Schynert), Kiwi Spitfire I in 1/72 (C Bucholtz), March Minutes

May – Tamiya Jumbo Sherman conversion by Laramie Wright, 1/700 Scratchbuilt WW1 HMS M29 Monitor (R Miller), Mix & Match Creation of 1/48 Mk 12 Spitfire by R Powell

June – A5M Claude in 1/72 Fujimi (W Ferrante), Spitfire IX Hasegawa by Jim Priete, Conquest I Bearcat Air Racer 1/48 HiPlanes kit by Brad Chun, Bogue Class Escort Carriers by Bert McDowell

OSS_JUL_01.pdf OSS_JUL_01.pdf
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OSS_AUG_01.pdf OSS_AUG_01.pdf
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OSS_SEP_01.pdf OSS_SEP_01.pdf
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October – Airfix F-84F by Mick Burton, Seversky 2PA by Nat Richards (OC-IPMS), DH Sea Hornet NF 21 vacform 1/48 by R Powell, Spitfire on Floats by M Schynert, September minutes

November – Bearcat N1111L (Smirnoff) Air Racer 1/72 (G Plummer), VW Beetle “bugs” iron out by Bill Abbott, Tillamook Air Museum photo essay M Schynert & M Burton. Fokker D VI (Nat Richards, OC-IPMS)

December – A6M3 Zero 1/48 by L Wright, O-49/L-1 Vigilant photos by Chris Bucholtz, 1/400 Heller LCT(6) by R Miller, Corsair AU-1 build in 1/48 Hasegawa by Brad Chun, November Minutes

January – Cavalier Mustang Turboprop 1/48 conversion, ’62 Buick customization (racy roof job), 1/48 B-25C/D Acc Miniatures, F4U-7 Aeronavale 1/48 Misfire, Dec Minutes

February – Earhart’s Electra 10 in 1/72 by Mick Burton, NF-14 Meteor 1/48 vac by R Powell, Staggerwing Beech 1/72 Sword (C Bucholtz) , January Minutes

March – P-39 & P-63 Air Racers 1/48 by Mike Meek, Figure modelling color basics by Rich Pedro, He-177 Revell by Jim Priete, Mick Burton's KOC 2001 Gallery, Greg Plummer's IDF/AF F7U Cutlass

OSS_APR_01.pdf OSS_APR_01.pdf
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OSS_MAY_01.pdf OSS_MAY_01.pdf
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OSS_JUN_01.pdf OSS_JUN_01.pdf
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July – Sherman Firefly Vc mix/match(L Wright), J1N1 Gekko 1/48 by Jim Priete, 2001 USA IPMS Nats gallery by Mick Burton, Marder III by Jim Priete, June Minutes

August – BV-138 in 1/72 by M Schynert, Nissan Cerfiro makeover into Euro Lowrider by Greg Plummer, 1/48 Monogram P-400 by L Wright, Mach 2 PBM Mariner by Mark Schynert, July minutes

SeptemberRAAF Mirage III D by Mick Burton 1/72 HiPlanes, “Battle Cattle” by K McClure, PT Cruiser makeover into FlatBed (G Plummer), Italeri H-19 family by L Wright, August minutes

OSS_OCT_01.pdf OSS_OCT_01.pdf
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OSS_DEC_01.pdf OSS_DEC_01.pdf
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