2011 Original Styrene Sheet  

Again, more issues that were for some "more of the same lovely colors" as others just asked the same question requiring the same answer.Why wouldn't there be a day it could be published in color to all ? Already, in fact, had been several years now where there was no reason could not. As long as you individually wanted to bear costs of printing and "trouble to do so". Just simply ask to be put on "E-dition" membership list. Alas, still less than half were willing to "make the leap of faith". 

 No way in practical terms, ever afford "en masse". Despite flinty eye management, fact is by now last three plus years Original Styrene Sheet all was operating by donations of time & money. Two suppliers now pretty worn out on the whole discussion (been there, done that, we own the shirt and the shirt factory...)

OSS_JAN_2011.pdf OSS_JAN_2011.pdf
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OSS_FEB_2011.pdf OSS_FEB_2011.pdf
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OSS_MAR_2011.pdf OSS_MAR_2011.pdf
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APRIL 2011 - M Burton reviews the SJVSM Tomcat Contest (cover article), the
March Minutes, A Tribute to Vet & Long Time Member Stan Muniz 1923-2011, & an excellent model article of love for one's modelling wife by Steven A Travis
MAY 2011 - Cover article is Rodney Williams declaring "Total War" as he does a figure bust model. April minutes, and quick review of SVSM Catfight Awards
JUNE 2011 - Expatriate Rocket Scientist and SVSM Alum does "Retro Rocket Redux", May Model of the Month is its own feature page thanks to Jim Lund !
 Review of the "Red Stars" May Club Contest rounds out this wide ranging bit
OSS_JUL_2011.pdf OSS_JUL_2011.pdf
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OSS_AUG_2011.pdf OSS_AUG_2011.pdf
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OSS_SEP_2011.pdf OSS_SEP_2011.pdf
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OCTOBER 2011 - Woody Yeung's Tricity 7 proves "Black Rain" not always bad, a coverage of the event. R J Williams does " Hi Time 2 " in 1/32nd, "Sports Nite"
NOVEMBER 2011 - Mark Schynert's cover article is first of two parts on doing the HP Hampden "Suitcase Bomber", October Meeting minutes, 2 MOM winners
DECEMBER 2011 - Last half of HP Hampden in 1/72nd scale tale, Editor goofoff on Xmas Rules of Engage, an Athletic Response to "Sports Nite Club" Contest
JANUARY 2011 - RJ Williams "It's So Natural" cover article on 1/48th scale N1K Shiden, Prez Eric McClure's Ramblings, Revue of Santa Rosa Auction & more
FEBRUARY 2011 - M Burton's cover article on Fujimi's RF-86F in 1/72 as JASDF, quick "back scenes look" at Cal Aerospace Museum with Barry Bauer, more
Presidential Ramblings by Eric McClure (what's your Holy Grail kit?) and more...
MARCH 2011 - M Burton's review of KOC's 17th edition, A Look at the Feb Club
Contest "Doctor's Orders", February meeting minutes & events calendar
OSS_APR_2011.pdf OSS_APR_2011.pdf
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OSS_MAY_2011.pdf OSS_MAY_2011.pdf
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OSS_JUN_2011.pdf OSS_JUN_2011.pdf
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JULY 2011 - Cover article "What we coulda had in '58" by M Burton (the F-107)  a look at Modesto Hobby & Crafts after a "drive in", June minutes, Club Contest " Here Comes The Sun " reviewed, Announcement of "Eric's Pizza Meet" July
AUGUST 2011 -  Bright  P2V cover for "CONA Gold" coverage of Yuba City gig,
July Meeting "Pizza Party special with Days of Thunder Club Contest inside"
SEPTEMBER 2011 - M Burton's cover turn at being a used Porsche salesman, an Editor's double take on the August Meeting with no minutes to speak of...
OSS_OCT_2011.pdf OSS_OCT_2011.pdf
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OSS_NOV_2011.pdf OSS_NOV_2011.pdf
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OSS_DEC_2011.pdf OSS_DEC_2011.pdf
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