MICK B MODELER wants to share his joy of scale models & in model society

 Editor's Archive now has complete 2000 thru 2023

06-22-24 ALL SV Classic 8 results  posted on SVC 8 tab

06-09-24 JUNE OSS is published really early YES

06-08-24 BUZZ # 121 is PUBLISHED oh yessss

05-30-24 BUZZ # 120 Published BREAKING NEWS TC-16

05-29-24 MAY TAMS Published A WONDER Indeed

05-27-24 BUZZ # 119 PUBLISHED Great Caesars Ghost

05-20-24 BUZZ # 118 PUBLISHED gadzooks

05-13-24 BUZZ # 117 PUBLISHED OH YES



05-01-24 APRIL/MAY TAMS "bonus issue" published

04-28-24 APRIL TAMS Published to finish catching up

04-26-24 MARCH/APRIL TAMS Published as catch up

Due my site "Free Hornets Gallery" being hacked, using a  

NEW Flickr based Gallery , BELOW IS ADDRESS


You can find the rest of  " Free Hornets News " at the "Exile Site"


 ABOVE :  SELECT SHOTS from MAY 2024 SVSM Meeting for supplement to  the Details in article in JUNE 2024 OSS NOW PUBLISHED

RIGHT: OFFICIAL FLYER for GUNDAM event coming AUGUST 3rd at GTC Store in SJ, very exciting WARSCARS

 OFFICIAL FLYER for Hollister NNL in SEPTEMBER,  RENO HR show in September,  ACME Show in Atlanta in OCTOBER

GALLERY of the APRIL 2024 SVSM Club Meeting supplement to MAY OSS


 I work at day jobs all week, so be patient, this is fun but extra. Also there's three newsletters & two other sites I am working 

My Work

Will take on any project that interests me, have had fun with static modelling everything from very well known aircraft to very obscure prehistoric animals or "weather sensors"


07-07-24 ADD Flyer for WARSCARS Gundam competition 

06-23-24 Add link of VLAD's SVC 8 gallery on SVSM, to SVC 8 page here

06-22-24 SENIOR Results for SVC 8 Poated NOW ALL IS PUBLISHED

06-17-24 RESULTS for JUNIOR & SPECIALS from SVC Eight now posted

06-16-24 Updated SV Classic Eight with brief results stats MORE Coming

06-06-24 Add New MAY SVSM Gallery ahead of publish June OSS

06-04-24 Added Picture of A Special Award to the SVC Eight page also notice of added category and pre split on the November TriCity 16 show

05-31-24 ADDED TRICITY 16 NEWS BITS ON TriCity Sixteen Page Drop

05-30-24 Added flyer for NEW MEET VENUE Fremont Hornets for JUNE

05-29-24 Added November SVSM Club contest page stub STAY TUNED

05-20-24 UPDATED Page for SVC EIGHT 

05-20-24 Added SVSM September CLUB CONTEST page

05-08-24 Limited Time TC-16 Planning Survey posted to TC-16 page

04-29-24 Added Flyers for JUNE Shows San Diego & WONDERCON

04-26-24 Post GTC  1st Anniversary  event Unofficial Flyer

04-24-24 Added Ideas Pix to SVSM August A is for Atlantis ClubCon page

04-19-24 NEW Gallery for SVSM March ClubCon "M is for Most Anything"

04-19-24 NEW Gallery for SVSM February ClubCon "Comix & Comics" also added JULY SVSM Club Contest tab for " 24 " a Member's gig

What I'm reading, topically. Some items (not all of them!) now on "Project WIP" page

 NOW I am having too much fun, finding the new items to add to my working reading list. Once I'm done with many of these, I'll be reviewing them in "The Styrene Sheet" for SVSM. Posting prior reviews at MICKB2 site, tabbed on their own page, now that I have expanded the site hosting capability.

Testimonial of the day (sometimes, weeks or months even)

WORKING ON FINDING WAYS TO MAKE THIS SITE MORE USEFUL TO VISIT and FUN FOR ME TOO. MODELS NOW  are being slowly added to the content, in form of "work in process" visual/text library ? blog? whatever? 

     See http://mickbmodeler2.yolasite.com site for more "mickbmodeler" meanderings