2010 Original Styrene Sheet

Glorious Color Continues, at least for those who elected then to get "E-dition" Every one else had to wait to see these "brilliant originals" (as a member phrased it to me) until they happened to look over my shoulder while editing, or got smart and asked to go on "email edition listing", forgo the print/copy/staple/stamp mail "Per-dition"

OSS_JAN_2010.pdf OSS_JAN_2010.pdf
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Type : pdf
OSS_FEB_2010.pdf OSS_FEB_2010.pdf
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Type : pdf
OSS_MAR_2010.pdf OSS_MAR_2010.pdf
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Type : pdf
APRIL- Cover launches review of the KOC 2010 show at Santa Clara, as it was one of our best ones yet. Big display of Russian Airpower by Jim Lund, oh yes
 Not to forget, the Regional hosted by SJVSM Tomcats proves another winner 
MAY- Cover article, Mick Burton's "Kangaroo" (Russian ASM). " April Full " the
Club Meeting reviewed, Presidential Ramblings by Interim Prez on eve of elect 
JUNE- Arsenal VG 33 in 1/48 by Mick Burton, "miniature art or history?"  Prez's Rambling, "what the hell?" is title as Editor reviews " Our Language Contest "...
OSS_JUL_2010.pdf OSS_JUL_2010.pdf
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Type : pdf
OSS_AUG_2010.pdf OSS_AUG_2010.pdf
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OSS_SEP_2010.pdf OSS_SEP_2010.pdf
Size : 748.354 Kb
Type : pdf
OCTOBER- "WILMA" for Fred, by Mick Burton, a " whiffer ala PTO '46 theme " A 1/18th scale Hellcat Engine by RJ Williams. "Real Weird-oh" by Kent McClure
NOVEMBER- WHAT IF or WIMP OUT, by Gabriel Lee, cover story with splendid
provocations. A Look at the AVG hosted R-8 Regional, "Red October " Club gig
DECEMBER- The USN's first SLBM by Mick Burton, Snapshot look at the Dec
Classic by IPMS Silver Wings, including look at Dennis Ugulano's BIG display.
JANUARY- Cover coverage of the December Pizza Party Gift Theft meeting, as well as a Kent McClure Prez rambling on "New Years Resolutions (aaargh)". 
FEBRUARY- Cover has Mick Burton looking at Captain America's 70th year as a Super Hero, " T-Time " Club Contest reviewed, January SVSM minutes.
MARCH- Mick Burton reviews Hobby Expo 2010 with Mike Meek smiling on, as his Mr Awesome takes Best Civilian. SVSM takes 2nd & 3rd with SJVSM 1st in
" Speed Robot building contest at the show " Prez Rambling with a difference !
OSS_APR_2010.pdf OSS_APR_2010.pdf
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OSS_MAY_2010.pdf OSS_MAY_2010.pdf
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OSS_JUN_2010.pdf OSS_JUN_2010.pdf
Size : 865.064 Kb
Type : pdf
JULY- Cover article "honoring an old Bird" by Greg Plummer (retro workover of the new T-bird), looking back at " Vive la France" Club Contest ", thanks to crew
AUGUST- Cover article "Berlin's Beauty" the XP-46 by Mark Schynert, IPMS Nats in Arizona finds SVSM having a "satellite meeting" by Mick Burton
SEPTEMBER- Cover story "Hare-ific Therapy" by Kent McClure (must read)
Eric McClure's Prez Ramblings, RJ Williams "Sojourn at the IPMS NATS in AZ"
and a look at Club Contest "One Last Chance" for those who went to the NATS
OSS_OCT_2010.pdf OSS_OCT_2010.pdf
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Type : pdf
OSS_NOV_2010.pdf OSS_NOV_2010.pdf
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OSS_DEC_2010.pdf OSS_DEC_2010.pdf
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