2008 Original Styrene Sheet

For the months I did them, the missing issues were lost when other Editor's hard drive crashed, I may scan them and post, if located as hard copy. 

ADDED 8-9-14 JUNE and December editions, both formerly "lost" as archival material due to William Ferrante (Editor) having his hard drive crash. 

Now recreated from printed material, and included here 

NOTE: THERE IS NO JANUARY 2008 OSS or SEPTEMBER 2008 OSS so you won't find any archived here.

 However, below the complete 2008, you WILL find the last three OSS for 2007, for stated reasons

FEBRUARY- Only the fourth issue since returning to helm, Editor Burton is learning anew "how to walk" in the brave new world of producing news mag in Word and digital photog, Cover article is 1/72nd scale 6x6 from another, alumnus Editor Chris Bucholtz. Sad note in editorial, passing of 
J VanZandt
MARCH- Hooray! Color pic on the cover, and WEIRDO Boat to boot ! Burton gets "Sea Shadow" built, reviewed. Start of FOUR PART TOUR Bay Area's Hobby Shops by Bill Abbott, WELL WORTH REVISITING NOW ! 
APRIL- Burton's on a roll, with a "Hound" on the cover, part two of Abbott's World of Bay Area Hobby Shops, and a slightly offset save in PDF, readable
OSS_MAY_2008.pdf OSS_MAY_2008.pdf
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June_2008_finalWF.pdf June_2008_finalWF.pdf
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OSS_JUL_2008.pdf OSS_JUL_2008.pdf
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AUGUST- Cover has sweet complete of Andy Kellock's Cobra tale, quad of Club Contests coming with "unique" recipes, Burton's foolishness for filler
OCTOBER- "Racer" Mike Meek cover article is COLORFUL RENO Air racer
review, Ken Miller chimes in with "MGM Grand" DC-8-62 build from new kit
NOVEMBER- "Tin Mossie" cover by Mark Schynert, a Vickers 432 actually, with Model of the Month shown for first time, Bill Ferrante's UFO vs WA Mon, and an "X-amination" by Editor Burton of the recent AVG Desert Classic...
Dec_2008_finalWF.pdf Dec_2008_finalWF.pdf
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OSS_FEB_2008.pdf OSS_FEB_2008.pdf
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OSS_MAR_2008.pdf OSS_MAR_2008.pdf
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OSS_APR_2008_2.pdf OSS_APR_2008_2.pdf
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MAY- Cover article, review of KOC 2008 with plenty dense details to read. A
short review of two past venues, Napredak & MCC. Funny how things go ...
JUNE- Bill Ferrante to the rescue then (getting this issue done & published) and Burton much later, finding a copy to scan and archive here. Alum Prez Bill Dye's "backseater MiG-9L", review of meeting at a Pizza Place, more.
JULY-Andy Kellock on the cover with first of two part "Tale of Two Cobras" and newly re-elected Editor Burton muses over the results that caused it
OSS_AUG_2008.pdf OSS_AUG_2008.pdf
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OSS_OCT_2008.pdf OSS_OCT_2008.pdf
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OSS_NOV_2008.pdf OSS_NOV_2008.pdf
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DECEMBER- Speaking of Bill Ferrante, here he returns, thankfully, as the
Editor so that at least some sort of end of year OSS issue produced. He'd
just gone down to AVG to win award with his UFO vandalizing WA monument and finds himself having to again, bail Burton out of a jam. C'est la vie

2007 Original Styrene Sheet

Preserving the legacy per se, three 2007 Styrene Sheet PDFs I had (when I resumed being Editor after many years away... like OSS 2008, never were sent as PDFs )

OCTOBER- FIRST OSS from Burton after long time away from Editorship. A
clear change, as NO PICTURES at all. If you literally want to read from the 
"new beginnings", here's where you must start. September 2007 lost to all
OSS_NOV_07.pdf OSS_NOV_07.pdf
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DECEMBER-Editor Burton FINALLY MANAGES A PICTURE COVER with the Gray Scale (still learning the ropes, and we still were in "photocopy/mail" for  publish) US Navy Westland Whirlwind (A TRUE STORY) by Mark Schynert. A fun issue to produce as a read of Editorial may enlighten any who venture
OSS_OCT_2007.pdf OSS_OCT_2007.pdf
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NOVEMBER-LITERALLY A SURPRISE issue. Editor Willam had his issue die with a computer crash. Then not he nor anyone else, knew Burton would do only his second "new OSS" with this debut. Another "all text" Styrene Sheet that was literally, "a hand out" at the November meeting. We come thru, no?
OSS_DEC_2007.pdf OSS_DEC_2007.pdf
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