2006 Original Styrene Sheet 

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NOW COMPLETE, OSS 2006  finished 11-26-2016   BOO YA !  NOW as 2016 CLOSES, OSS 2006 has been filled to completion HERE  While you may also find them in "TIME TRAVELS" Sheet Archive 1 for a bit, this is their home

OSS_JAN_06.pdf OSS_JAN_06.pdf
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April - Jared Bishop's first issue as Editor, F-18 ROKAF, USS Scamp, "Red's BIG RED F-86D by RJW, March Minutes

May - Scratch built HK-1 in 1/72 by Jim Lund, Klemms by R Miller, April Meet

June - NONE done - Jared learns the fun of being the Editor...and no submits

July - Jared's "The TomCat Issue" & a plea for more articles...Hello to Editor

August - NONE done - Jared gets a repeat dose of what this job is really like

September - Jared Bishop, Editor's return to having something to publish thanks to Andy Kellock and his first FW-190 

October - Greg Plummer's "Brown Box" Centaur, Bill Bauer's Ferrari "once in your life, build one", Editor Jared Bishop gentle plea for more articles

November - Bill Dye's First Resin Kit (Train Guy's Don't Know How To Cut Plastic!)  Bert McDowell Letter to Editor, Editor's Wife Letter to the Editor !

December - NONE done - Jared apologized in January 2007 OSS for this

January - Tempest 1 Conversion in 1/72, Editor John Heck portends resigning to undertake IPMS-USA Journal post, Revell E-2C new in 1/144 reviewed and built by Mick Burton, DH Mosquito book review, Xmas 2005 SVSM reviewed

February - SO9000 Trident in 1/72 Mach 2 by Bill Dye, Venezualan YV-135C (aka DC-10-30) in 1/144 by Gabriel Lee, January SVSM minutes

March - COLOR ISSUE - John Heck's Final OSS, 1/48 USAF F-104C by he, SVSM Kickoff 2006 results & pictures, February SVSM minutes 

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