2005  Original Styrene Sheet COMPLETE
Here are both full color and black/white copies for the most complete archive of SVSM 2005. The official SVSM club website had the full color PDFs you see here at some point for a number of years, which is where I had retrieved them myself. One had to be reconstructed for here as a scan from the printed published grayscale, as my downloaded color copy was corrupted. The actual copies sent out to membership were in fact at the time, gray scale printouts, these were only way for color.
OSS_JAN_05.pdf OSS_JAN_05.pdf
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Type : pdf
OSS_FEB_05.pdf OSS_FEB_05.pdf
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Type : pdf
OSS_MAR_05.pdf OSS_MAR_05.pdf
Size : 6330.839 Kb
Type : pdf
April - L-100 Hercules Gold Nugget Freighter, 1/72 StrikeMaster, Kit Reviews
May - SSR conversion into "Bison" COE, "Invaders" Saucer, Belly Tank Racer

June - No June 2005 OSS published. Read July Editorial for a clue why 
July - Happy Jack's Go Buggy Meets Jack Ilfrey (a 1/72 P-38J) , 1/12 1983  YZR 500, Frankentank M4A1 kitbash, 1/700 Cruiser Aurora, June Minutes 
OSS_AUG_05.pdf OSS_AUG_05.pdf
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OSS_SEP_05.pdf OSS_SEP_05.pdf
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OSS_OCT_05.pdf OSS_OCT_05.pdf
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Type : pdf
November - Princess Elizabeth P-51 in 1/72, Airspeed Oxford, October Meet
December -  Victor B.2 in 1/72, "Critter Commandos", November Meeting
January - Kyofu N1K1 in 1/48, M4 Sherman Primer, SVSM December Muse
February - Willy Ley Space Taxi, SSR Conversion into a "Whiffer Wagon ", an excellent visit with Ray O'Neill, Scratchbuilder. Rhinoceros Beetle by Steve T
March - Bleached Linen & 1917 Dope Scandal, Sabrejet SVSM Issue Scandal Revealed, WW2 Toy Tank Restoration, Kickoff Classic 2005 review (big show)
OSS_APR_05.pdf OSS_APR_05.pdf
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OSS_MAY_05.pdf OSS_MAY_05.pdf
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OSS_JUL_05.pdf OSS_JUL_05.pdf
Size : 9857.216 Kb
Type : pdf
August - PAA B377 Stratocruiser 1/144, Atlanta USA Nats Coverage, Aviation USK F2G Corsair Racer Conversions, July SVSM Minutes
September - Operation Market-Garden C-47 in 1/48 (A life changing story) by John Heck, C-47 & CG-4A in 1/72, August SVSM Minutes ( XF-84H MOM ! )
October - Hansa Brandenburg W29 in 1/72, TWA Super G Connie in 1/144, a Hughes "Illegal Connie" in 1/72 by Jim Lund, September SVSM Minutes
OSS_NOV_05.pdf OSS_NOV_05.pdf
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OSS_DEC_05.pdf OSS_DEC_05.pdf
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