05-29-24 NOVEMBER SVSM CLUB CONTEST ! Another Fun With Alphabet with of course, another twist. Since November is traditionally the last month of the meeting calendar year where Models and Model Talk are main agenda, we often have some sort of notoriously odd
or offbeat themed Club Contest. 

Turkeys, TOWS, Tailfins and Twins, Tanksgiving, stuff like that. This year, the Editor is sponsoring this mixing of myriad model concepts with a Notable letter in synch with the month, it's vowel driven in a way but otherwise just his usual madness. See below:

Right Now, this is Qualifying Model Entrant Node Mode:


(while it may seem like this is a pretty limited set of model parameters, trust me, a veteran club contestant ought to spot the neat camel sized loophole in this listing to bust through the needle's eye. Just ask William F. or Greg P.)

N is for Naval or NASCAR or Natter

N is for Neutrals or Next Generation or NENE (the jet engine, its immediate derivatives. For this, merely look it up on Wikipedia for one source, learn of the aircraft that had this engine or its equivalent, trust me, there are some good subjects)

N is for Nippon (anything Japanese) Pretty basic, think on it

N is for Northrop or North American (the seed that started this)

N is for Nuclear (powered, or armed, or directly related to)