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April – Porsche 917 1/43 (K McClure), SeaMew SOC 3 (B Miller), Yankee Spitfire, Tempest/Typhoon Aces Bookshelf (C Bucholtz), March Minutes

May – ICM Lynx 1/35 by Laramie Wright,1/48 F-15E Monogram (B Chun) 1/72 T-34/57 Conversion (V Yakubov) Chrysler Museum (M Yamada) The Nieuport Aces Bookshelf (C Bucholtz), April Minutes

June – Northrop Gamma 1/72 (M Burton), Spitfire's Grandfather The S.6B (M Burton) Tanks and Planes WW1 Bookshelf (C Bucholtz) May minutes

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October – CV 880 Airliner (K Miller) Gulfhawk Bearcat 1.48 (RJW) USMC CH-34 (L Wright) Reno’s Conquest I Racer from High Planes 1.72 (M Meek) Reno 2000 NCAR Photo essay(MM) Stolen Minutes !

November – Early XF4U in 1.72 (B Bauer) Ki.46 Dinah (C Bucholtz) Curtiss XP-42 Fighter 1.48 by H Offield,  2000 Telford UK Nats photo essay by Mick Burton, 1.48 DynaVector TSR 2 (B Chun)

December – F-84G to E Tamiya 1.72 (C Bucholtz) Kitbashed M4A1 Sherman (B Bauer) Saturn V review in 1.144 by Ken Miller, Speed Racer’s Mach Five times 5, Gift Exchange Outline 

January – Roto Finish Mustang in 1/48 (M Meek), Tuskegee Airman Texan 1/72 (Mick Burton), Gun Nose F-89C Scorpion 1/48 (B Chun), KMC Boeing 727 in 1/72, December Minutes (Gift Exchange)

February – N1K1-Jb Shiden in 1/72, R-M B-25J Glass/Strafer Nose by B Chun,  DML 1/72 P-61 Myths exposed by Mick Burton, (2 parter) January minutes 

March – 1/144 Boeing 377 minicraft by R Miller, 2000 KOC winners, AccMin B-25B, Jim Priete converts Late T-34 into T-44 w/mine roller, February minutes

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July – 1/72 Meteor Mk 3 in White by M Schynert, SB2U Vought 1/72 (C Bucholtz),Tale of two Leopards in 1/35 (L Wright), Miles Messenger 1/72 Pavla by MS, IAR 80 MPM by MS,  June Minutes

August – Yak UT-1 (C Bucholtz), Yak-11 Moose Vac (M Burton), 1/48 Miss America Racer Mustang (B Chun)  Yak UT-2 (C Bucholtz)

September – Ike & Mike in 1.48 (M Burton), WW2 Utility Aircraft Twins in 1.72 (M Schynert) 1/48 He-100 (H Offield) August minutes

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