2004 Original Styrene Sheet

 We'll go back another year, with "The Rest of the Story", namely the formerly housed on SVSM website 2004 Editions. Again, then only way to see in colour  It is also the milestone marker year for then Editor Chris Bucholtz, after 12 years/154 issues of OSS, he turns reins over to John Heck in March 2004.

January - JS-2 in 1/35, Skylark Sailplane, BAE Hawk in 1/48, Dec SVSM

February - Longest Serving Batteships-Gangut Class in 1/700 Review, Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor in 1/48, FW-187 in 1/72, F2G Engine Work Detailed

March - Monogram Spitfire IX improved beyond measure by Laramie Wright, Chris Bucholtz, Editor, extraordinary editorial of retirement & thanks, making a GTO into a "CTO" by Gregg Plummer, 2004 Kickoff Classic Results in color !

 Note: Archived March OSS includes "CTO" supplemental not mailed out

OSS_APR_04.pdf OSS_APR_04.pdf
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OSS_MAY_04.pdf OSS_MAY_04.pdf
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OSS_JUN_04.pdf OSS_JUN_04.pdf
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July - Red Baron RB-51 "1/48 creation" by "Racer Mike" Meek. Mossie FB 18 in 1/72, ' 70 Dodge Coronet "Hemi" Superbee conversion by Andy Kellock, the Academy M36 "in box reviewed" by Eric McClure, June minutes by Jim Priete

August - Ki-44 Shoki in 1/48, Revell B-707 Family of Kits Logic by Ken Miller, look at "Make 'n Take ala Wings of History" by Mick Burton, July Club Minutes

September - "Iquitos Express" FAV C-130 in 1/72, huge article by Gabriel Lee RJ Williams does FIVE 1/72 Racing F2G Corsairs Justice, Phoenix IPMS USA Nationals review (we were there!) Ju-290A in 1/72, August meeting minutes

OSS_OCT_04.pdf OSS_OCT_04.pdf
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OSS_NOV_04.pdf OSS_NOV_04.pdf
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OSS_DEC_04.pdf OSS_DEC_04.pdf
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OSS_JAN_04.pdf OSS_JAN_04.pdf
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OSS_FEB_04.pdf OSS_FEB_04.pdf
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OSS_MAR_04.pdf OSS_MAR_04.pdf
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 April - F-117 in 1/48, Pres/RC Chris Bucholtz in a fez, Potemkin kit review

May - 1/72 Challenger II Iraq War by Greg Plummer, New Editor & new SVSM President review editorials on SVSM winners of R-9 Regional 2004 in Fresno (boo ya ! ) Bert McDowell's "Spackle Seawater Technique" detailed, Regional 2004 results full listing and again more color photos. April club meet minutes

June - MC-202 "Fantasy Air Racer" in 1/72, Sikorsky S-43 Pan Am Clipper, the Fremont Hornets TriCity Classic # 1 coverage results/photos, May minutes

OSS_JUL_04.pdf OSS_JUL_04.pdf
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OSS_AUG_04.pdf OSS_AUG_04.pdf
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OSS_SEP_04.pdf OSS_SEP_04.pdf
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October - A big Robby the Robot, Academy F-8 Crusader, Caudron G3 & 4 as analyzed NASA Engineer (and SVSMer) Bob Miller, USS Halibut Submarine in Three Lives of Tamiya by Bill Abbott, September Malediction (a Spooky Issue)

November - The Famous "All F-86F, All the Time" Sabre Issue of John Heck

December - '69 Dodge 440 SuperBee, Bob Miller reviews the new Udvar-Hazy NASM annex, M4A3 Sherman, British Racing Green Hymenopteran by Burton (aka Fantasy Air Racer, Again), Christmas Ham (Sow to Sow) by Barry Bauer