WELCOME TO  the " PRIOR TO RETURN OF MICK B & WILLIAM F"   YEAR 2007 Original Styrene Sheets in Archive. Jared Bishop had taken on the duties of this august post from John Heck, who had determined in early 2006 he could be diagnosed clinically insane if he tried to carry on SVSM Editorship AND The IPMS USA Journal.  

 John's IPMS USA Editorship would be in concert with Chris Bucholtz, whom he'd taken the Styrene Sheet from a few years before, after Sec'y Chris had wrested it from VP David Sampson, who had gleefully glommed onto it from Treasurer of Permanent Record, William Ferrante. Who still hasn't quite forgiven Burton for all this.

 After all you see, Burton has held these posts (Sec'y, Treasurer, News Editor) as once they were (all in one officership). Divided them up after he threw up his hands. Came back in 1993 as last SJSM, first SVSM President, finagling Bill there back into his Exec Staff as Treasurer ( after his serving well already as VP, Sec'y, Editor )    A duty William F continues from that point on, whilst seeing Burton and Bucholtz dance off now & again to be "non officers".  When Jared had to flee this post, William F and Burton arrived at conclusion independently yet concurrently: that they'd have to resume Newsletter Editorship until such time as they are permanently on leave of absence. Burton has judiciously kept from having to have Bill do many issues since September 2007, when this all came to pass. He'd like to live a long life ... 

JANUARY-  RC Sub model essay, December 2k6 apology, Reno Bearcat 1/48, Stealth Aircraft @ USAFM, Auto Modeler's Crossword Puzzle, Prez's Brief!
FEBRUARY - La-5 in 1/48 (early), Review Santa Rosa 2007 Expo, 1/700 Rurik
MARCH- 71 Scat Pack Pair (Dodge Charger R/T, Dodge SuperBee) by Andy, Jared Bishop, Editor provides Part 2 of how he put lighting into his Defiant 2, Macchi M.33 by Bob Miller in "A New Concept in Modelling", VA thanks to us
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LAST THREE MONTHS GIVEN ON RIGHT ARE FOR CONTINUITY ONLY. SEE SHEET ARCHIVE 2008 for these three issues. Below, the original message as put here in the OSS Archive when it first published. 
Kept for posterity, 04-15-17
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APRIL- Jared Bishop, Editor 'Gives Everyone An Award" issue and also gives up what he learned in becoming a Judge first time, as Kickoff 2007 reviewed. Randy Ray (1st absentee elect President) offers his first Prez Address up.
MAY- 1/12 Mercury Space Capsule, Results of Regional (KOC 2007-SCCC) Armor Modeler's Crossword, 1/48 FW-190V-1, WW2 IJN Color Mixing Chart
JUNE- USS McKean in 1/350, Father and Son Tamiya Spitfire Vb Build, The Unexpected Reggianne Re-2001 in 1/72, Review of kit for 1/48 FW-190V-1
JULY -For the record, there was never a July 2007 issue
AUGUST - After Time Machine for 2017 in April 2017 TAMS this showed up...
SEPTEMBER- Again Time Machine for 2017 April 2017 TAMS this showed up...
Honestly recommend a read of both these "mystery issues" sometime

October - Incoming (& returning alumnus) Editor Burton regales all with tale of new operations plan, provides minutes of September meeting, and touts the "Scale Spooks - Celebration of the Orange & Black" Halloween Club Contest

November - SURPRISE Edition, as disk drive crash on Editor Bill puts Burton on deck. No surprise, he puts out a Club Contest and Events Calendar, done!

December - Westernmost Westland (US Navy Whirlwind, 1944, for real !) 1/72 November Meet minutes, including shot of SVSM "Vet Brick" thanks to Steve T

NOTE to READERS: There will be NO 2007 July  or  August Original Styrene Sheet, as at this point Jared ceased publication and had left the state. There is not any extant digital copy of the September 2007 issue produced by William F, and Editor Burton has ceased looking for one to scan for archive. Ref now to Sheet Archive 7, where the final 3 issues of the OSS for 2007 are archived from their original source files.