2009 Original Styrene Sheet

2009 vintage Styrene Sheets. Thus began the process of " E-dition " whereupon not everyone got a copied printed and mailed Black & White newsletter (which I began calling the " Per-dition ": because it cost me much money and worse, time to do !

ADDED 8-9-14 September Edition, formerly "lost" as archival material due to WF (Editor) having hard drive crash. Recreated from printed material, and included here

04-14-2017 Editor's Reorganization underway, text stubs being added and 2008 OSS moved to new archive

OSS_JAN_2009.pdf OSS_JAN_2009.pdf
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OSS_FEB_2009.pdf OSS_FEB_2009.pdf
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OSS_MAR_2009.pdf OSS_MAR_2009.pdf
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APRIL - Komet chase leads Burton to Doghouse (cover) 1/72 scale Soviet AS-1 a Canadian Missile with Man In It by Bill Abbott, 90 Day Wonders contest results !

MAY- Grateful Dead takes Theme Award at KOC 2009 "Summer of '69 redux" Eric McClure's thanks for a deserved award, Record showing for KOC 2009 stats
JUNE- Bill Ferrante, Editor, has "Reno Racer Tigercat" from RJ Williams in 1/48
Alumnus Prez Bill Dye gives retro look at retro kit of USS Nautilus. Elections ... too
OSS_JUL_2009.pdf OSS_JUL_2009.pdf
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OSS_AUG_2009.pdf OSS_AUG_2009.pdf
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Sept_2009_finalWF.pdf Sept_2009_finalWF.pdf
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OCTOBER- Battle of Britain Club Contest sees some creative entries... Also, due to Editor's running off to Nats, there's TWO Presidential Ramblings and no Cover article, plus an Editorial which tries to impart all the "fun" behind scene
NOVEMBER- Jim Priete takes another X-Prize at 2009 AVG (cover) Then an in depth look at Desert Classic Xplane competition, TriCity Classic 6 from Burton
DECEMBER- Bill Ferrante's BIG X PLANE on the cover (say like 1/8th scale). A
look ahead to "Like Silicon Valley Speak" Club Contest, and other memories...

JANUARY - Ken Miller's Swearingen in Miniature (cover), Turkey Shoot contest

FEBRUARY- Vlad Yakubov's Russian River Monitor, Items for 90 day wonder...
MARCH- Tell Me About It, Stud by Kent McClure (cover) Colorful  1/48th P-40F  A memoriam to Tom Harrison of Tom's Modelworks, RIP  "It's Red" contest results
OSS_APR_2009.pdf OSS_APR_2009.pdf
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OSS_MAY_2008.pdf OSS_MAY_2008.pdf
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June2009Final.pdf June2009Final.pdf
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JULY- The Baron's Red Ride: DR.1 in 1/72 by Laramie Wright (cover) A Prez's Ramblings from new CEO Kent McClure, TWO Model of the Month pages ...
AUGUST- "D&J Shipyards" by Mick Burton (cover) Look back at Sidewalk Days with a look at results of July Club Contest "Red White and Blue", July minutes
SEPTEMBER- Glencoe Mars Liner by Bill Dye (cover) Bill Ferrante, Editor. As we said goodbye to alum Matt Matsushita, RIP 1949-2009, obit by RJ Williams
OSS_OCT_2009.pdf OSS_OCT_2009.pdf
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