Uploaded 11-2019   The September 1995 issue of the OSS, with the leading
article supplied by one Geoff Kreuger, a one time Junior Member of SVSM
who left us in August 1995 for the US Army, As you will read in his Author
note at the end of this article, he seemed to have enjoyed his time with us
 The August 1995 meeting minutes by Sec'y/Editor Chris Bucholtz (why is
that name so familiar to me and others...?) also include Geoff's last tabling
noted as "Pre and Post SVSM", as Chris says, seamlessly transitioned.

I include this issue here as the October 2019 meeting minutes include the
notation of Geoff's return to the club, and his win of Model of the Month !

Really enjoy when we get a "long ago member" returning to see us, here's
to Geoff's sticking around a while. By the way he entered and won at the
SV Classic # 6 in 2019, with an F-14 Adversary in 1/48th ME Jets...
OSS_SEP_095C.pdf OSS_SEP_095C.pdf
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UPLOADED 07-03-23 Thanks to attending SILVERCON 2023, got to renew
connections with Alumnus SVSM Editor David L Sampson who has been
a member of the Reno HighRollers club for several years now, but keeps up with us as a regular reader of OSS/TAMS/Buzz V.1 publications. Dave was Editor for some key years of ours and he may not realize it but works
of his then have helped me long past original time of publication. In JUNE
2023 TAMS I made note of our meeting at the show and had references to
some of Dave's classic issues, so here are the full copies in PDF form.

APRIL 1992 - ABSOLUTE CLASSIC, David's front page article on the GLUE REGISTRY Bill passing the California Legislature is a MUST READ. Bill Dye on front page also provides executive caliber material on how to keep your
building models fun and moving along!
And the last page of 2023 JUNE TAMS is snipped right from last page here

APRIL 1993-OKAY strictly speaking this is Chris Bucholtz's first issue as
the SVSM editor, with David Sampson just retiring. But Dave's article on
page 2 of this issue, with huge list of exhaustive categories update for the
1995 "Classic" annual contest, is absolutely essential reading. 

 SEPTEMBER 1991-Chock full of goodies. Editor David all the way, but he
iis also contributor of a unique "model that got away article" with political
masterpiece by him also, on serious legisiation that really messed up our
model world but speaks to far larger issues so relevant today MIGHTILY.
The "Northrop TRS-3" revelation article is also inspired

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THE Club is over 56 years old in actual formation, having been chartered with the original British Plastic Modelling Society that evolved into IPMS.

So 2019 marked our 55th year as a chartered chapter of the IPMS-USA branch of that organization, to which we are solidly still in continuity with today (11-2019) and with every intention of carrying forward ad infinitum...

This Archive will be the Parking Lot for " odds and ends " items published or referred to inside of 2019 or 2020 OSS/TAMS publications of this Editor

Well here we are, SVSM at SIXTY years as a model club. Seemed like good iidea to expand this archive section with material that again captures who we are

SO NOW This Archive #3 also Parking Lot for odds & ends published or referred
to inside of 2023 OSS/TAMS publications