ALRIGHTY THEN - Just as a trial run, here's my first upload of "Work In Progress", Scale Model wise. This is of course, the OLD Aurora model molding of then current TV show by Irwin Allen, many years later cleaned up, re-issued by Polar Lights. I got this at an R-9 event, from a friendly vendor who offered this complete, unstarted kit with a bonus resin upgrade mod, to "correct and improve" the TV version of this famous fictional submersible. The resin kit, which until I bought this, I never knew existed, is from a vendor I had an odd first acquaintance with at a long ago "Silver Wings Summer Classic". None other than Skyhook Models. So of course, I had to have this whole thing...

Now underway, and the gallery below shows what I am beginning with, raw kit wise, and of course a plan to write an article proper for a club newsletter is forming, too 

So, here we are, into the breach as of 12-18-2013. May we see this completed before this time next year (fingers crossed)

 NOW SEEING SOME CONSTRUCTION ! The fits so far not bad, the low parts count is helping here. The "sail" will require some extra work, as blending in of the windows called for in "resin mods". Dry fitting of the resin "Flying Sub Bay" proves out that casting is pretty close to "retail grade". The resin "bumps" don't so far provide much drama making the scratch lines to align as per after market guide, works as advertised. The seams all over the submarine, will eventually be filled and dealt with. Cutting and fitout of underside hull is next step, update when posting more pictures. For now, sail away, til after Xmas Day.