Besides buying and building these bloody distractions, I am currently the Editor for Silicon Valley Scale Modelers club.

For many years now, its newsletter has been named " The Styrene Sheet ". If you'd like to see samples of our past, check

my archive of PDF copies for years since 2006 (the last year any available on club website ENJOY - mb



  NOW UPLOADED,   months of  OSS (Original Styrene Sheet) along with my  TAMS (The AfterMarket Sheet) to each accompany /or follow OSS in same month, which will be better explained by reading TAMS for AUG 2012

August 2012 TAMS now relocated to SHEET ARCHIVE 2012 (4-12-17)



During 2014, I had a series called " The WayBack Machine " going on within TAMS, utilizing material from the original club archives, which seemed to be well received. That series mostly had 1970s and 1980s vintage items, as those archives ceased to be maintained after 1985.

Then for 2016, created a new Archive page (Sheet Archive -1) where the original material each Time Travel published, is then moved from here.

With January 2016 experiment, I began 01-04-16 with scanned copies from my own collection, of Original Styrene Sheet (a name which the Newsletter didn't have until early 90's) with first time out collecting a set on theme of OSS 10, 20, 30 years ago that month (January) On it goes...

Perhaps those of you who know how ephemeral an organization or a publication can truly be from their own experience firsthand, will smile as I share where some have been as a club & modelers...   on record

August 30 2017 sees now Editor MickB continuing adds to archive of  1988 1998 2008 past issues, here first, then sort into Sheet  Archive 2008  for 2008 and Sheet Archive 12, 13 for prior to 2000 .

October 02 2017 sees a break as latest TAMS (September) has not any WayBack Machine in it. Forecast for October TAMS at earliest for return

November 04 2017 proves frenetic and fruitful. Latest TAMS (October) as it turned out, no room for WayBack Machine. November TAMS perhaps?

December 2018 sees Editor return to manicure this archive more tenderly and in better stead. To be sure it has been a rough year for him, yet managed finally to complete promised 2017 archive and begin 2018, see first ones at right -


(and now carrying on here1/4  months of  2018

RELOCATED to SHEET ARCHIVE noted, via DROP DOWN on this page

ALL 2015 OSS & TAMS moved to SHEET ARCHIVE 2015 as of 4-11-17

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ALL 2013 OSS & TAMS moved to SHEET ARCHIVE 2013 as of 4-12-17

ALL 2012 OSS & TAMS moved to SHEET ARCHIVE 2012 as 4-12-17 

ALL 2011 OSS moved to SHEET ARCHIVE 2011, with "text stubs" 4-13-17

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ALL 2009 OSS moved to SHEET ARCHIVE 2009,   "with index stubs" 4-16-17

ALL  2008 OSS moved to SHEET ARCHIVE 2008, NOW with "text stubs", as well last 3 of 2007 OSS (when I resumed being Editor after many years away...) 

FIRST PART of 2007 OSS moved SHEET ARCHIVE 2007 "with index stubs"

ALL of 2006 OSS now resides in SHEET ARCHIVE 2006 "with index stubs"

ALL of 2005 OSS now resides in SHEET ARCHIVE 2005 "with index stubs"

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ALL of 2000 OSS now resides in SHEET ARCHIVE 2000 "with index stubs"

  NEXT PORTION OF 2018 Original Styrene Sheet & TAMS upload by 1-31-19

Note ALL the 2016 Archive loaded in Sheet 2016 Archive, as same for all 2017 published material is now in  the Sheet 2017 Archive

OSS_FEB_2018.pdf OSS_FEB_2018.pdf
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OSS_MARCH_2018.pdf OSS_MARCH_2018.pdf
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EIGHTH FOR 2017 TIME TRAVEL in the Wayback Machine. REPRISE VOLUMES with simple theme: Back in the days (2008) when  Burton & Ferrante  resumed, 1998 when we didn't have Electronic Mail Publishing as our standard  or even further back, (1988) when we thought having a 8 page landscape orientation newsletter was a pretty big accomplishment. Alan Wolcott proved a Great Editor too.

SEP 1988: The NINECOMPOOP reports IPMS USA down from 6400+ to less than 3000 members, per Editor Alan Wolcott.  Bay Area cleans up at '88 Nats !

SEP 1998 : Super MiG-19 model review by Bill Abbott, Travis Scale Modelers announce a NO CONTEST Display Expo, Joe Fleming shows how to T-34

SEP  2008:  NO SUCH ANIMAL (none was published in 2008 for this month)

OCT 1988 -  WE HAVE 90 PAID MEMBERS and yet only 8 contribute to newsletter, Editor Wolcott laments. TWO DAY Regional by Sacto is sadly a bust

OCT 1998 -  USS HORNET MUSEUM About to open ! Frank Babbitt reviews Airfix Vulcan, Mark Schynert reviews new P-39 in 1/72, Brad covers F-86F 1/48th

OCT 2008 -  NEARLY ALL NEVADA ISSUE as Color Coverage of RENO NCAR by Mike Meek, MGM DC-8-62 by Ken Miller. Burton has one page on Oregon...

NOV 1988 -  WildCatfish on the Cover

NOV 1998 -  Brad Chun reviews new Tamiya M8, Ken Miller exposes "the OTHER D.B. Cooper and his airplane", "NACA Bob" extols Martin M-130 kit

NOV 2008 -  Color Cover of Vickers 432 makes Editor's day, AVG Desert Classic road trip exposes innards (finally) of Argosy, Coverage of X plane contest

DEC 1988:   Onset of NEW IPMS Journal is announced,  Alan Wolcott reveals E-Board about to jump ship, announces also IPMS USA now only 2500 strong

DEC 1998 : Star Wars on the cover, SVSM is at near highest recorded MiGS but less than high recorded for SJSM, B-26 Marauder review, other neat stuff

DEC  2008: Ferrante gives Burton an Editor break, NW Scale Modelers announce "Mighty Eighth" show for early 2009. 

OSS_SEP_088R.pdf OSS_SEP_088R.pdf
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OSS_SEP_098.pdf OSS_SEP_098.pdf
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OSS_OCT_088R.pdf OSS_OCT_088R.pdf
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OSS_OCT_098.pdf OSS_OCT_098.pdf
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OSS_OCT_2008.pdf OSS_OCT_2008.pdf
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OSS_NOV_088R.pdf OSS_NOV_088R.pdf
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OSS_NOV_2008.pdf OSS_NOV_2008.pdf
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OSS_DEC_098.pdf OSS_DEC_098.pdf
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Dec_2008_finalWF.pdf Dec_2008_finalWF.pdf
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