October 13 2017 Member's Club Contest for Free Hornets


Our Free Hornets are deviously creative in devising schemes, as you may surmise by the above theme. Simply put, you are challenged here to find at least ONE non-aircraft kit of Airfix catalog to enter. Just so you know, someone has already asked, and NO: ROTODYNES or ANY Helos are in the not eligible list, as they ARE AIRcraft. ONE EXCEPTION in Airfix catalog does exist, it’s not either of those aforementioned, but it is an air-craft. 

 Intention here is to stretch your imagination and craft, and when you actually take a look at the number of ships, autos, armor, figures and other type

Vehicles/oddities that Airfix has offered, you may get into the spirit of this wholeheartedly we’ll just bet. Oh and by the way, all the “Airfield and Air craft support” models ARE ELIGIBLE … there’s some potential old and new gold in them thar kits. Just saying.