JUNE 16 2023 SVSM Member's Club Contest Theme

" The D-Day Deux Club Contest"

The short and sweet of it? If your chosen entry vehicle or figure or what have you has "D" finite linkage in its Designation then it is  ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE

Examples include : Douglas or Dassault aircraft, Daimler or Dodge automobiles,
DUKW amphibs, any subject that relates directly to June 6 1944, but don't be shy. I barely touched the range of possible Destroyers of concept this itheme difficult to find range in. Don't get me started Dr Dornier or Doolittle...

What do the Deux have to do with this? Why it's so delightful you asked. Basically it's a Duo or Dual devisement, if you happen to be part of the 2nd Friday of the Month meeting Fremont Hornets, well in June 2023 they have D same theme, so if du don't define your Subject D done in time for dat, now a chance for  du to compete anew with SVSM's part Deux. WIth that I bid du adieu