As of October Meeting, 10-13-2017, Free Hornets voted to host for 2018 in the Fall, TriCity Fourteen with Mick Burton again as Contest Director

Announced at the November Meeting held 11-03-2017, CD Burton announced the formal framework of TC-14 to be "movie/geography" package in keeping with the long running schematic of several past TriCity Classics, this time to celebrate the impending 50th anniversary of Manned Space Flight program to land on the Moon

The base movie title is a cinematic double entendre, as it is both the 1958 movie adapted from the 1865 novel by Jules Verne AND the 1998 HBO Miniseries

STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS including final decision of date and probable locale change from current Milpitas Community Center tradition

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as of 10-31-2017 You will now find ALL RESULTS in PDF format for the show: SPECIAL AWARD WINNERS, JUNIOR & SENIOR 1/2/3 Award Winners in Categories

AND A SELECTION OF SPECIAL AWARD WINNER PHOTOS and AWARD PHOTOS in the Free Hornets Annex TriCity Archive, under the TriCity Thirteen page tab


visit the SVSM site gallery for a great selection of photos taken at TC-13 by Vladimir Yakubov :